CGMA - E1 Managing finance in a digital world

Before we start the technical learning , we’d like to spend a moment outlining the structure, aim and assessment method for this paper. Start by watching the Introduction and How to use your course materials videos. You can also find your study planner, course notes and question bank documents below. Please note, prior to 2023, CGMA was known as CIMA and you may therefore see references to CIMA throughout your course. This is a change in name only and has no impact on course content.

KnowledgeTuition ExamSpecimen QuestionsMock ExamStudy Material
Introduction and course materials
Chapter 1: The role of the finance function
Checkpoint 1
Chapter 2: The structure and shape of the finance function
Checkpoint 2
Chapter 3: Technology in a digital world
Checkpoint 3
Chapter 4: Data and information in the digital world
Checkpoint 4
Chapter 5: The finance function's relationship with operations
Chapter 6: The finance function's relationship with sales and marketing
Chapter 7: The finance function's relationship with human resources
Chapter 8: The finance function's relationship with IT
Checkpoint 5
Final checkpoint
Tuition Exam

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Specimen Exam

The specimen exam indicates how the exam will be assessed, structured and the likely style and range of questions that could be asked. Any student preparing to take this exam should familiarise themselves with the exam style.

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Mock Exam

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Study Material

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